When you’re a creative type, you never know what your medium will be. For Austin Cake Ball co-founder and Austinite Stacey Bridges, it began in the theater as a costumer. Working daily to create period, fantastical and off the wall costumes, Stacey became a master of detail. While touring and working odd hours, Stacey turned her attention to the kitchen and the inventive possibilities & great comfort of cake.

After endless hours of experimenting, a cake decorating class or two, and an extremely popular showing at the Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival of 2009, you have what became Austin Cake Ball.

Seven years and quite literally millions of cake balls later, we’ve been featured by Food Network Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and The Knot, not to mention being able to find our products in the pages of the Neiman Marcus catalog and over 300 Whole Foods Market locations across 35 states.

Despite all the growth we still put just as much love into every single cake ball now as we did way back then… so stop sitting there and come have a ball!

Chocolate Mint

Our Team

Stacey Bridges: Cake Ball Tactics

It all started as a hobby in 2008. After spending nearly a decade working on intricate and detailed costumes, my focus then turned to an art form in a different medium: cake balls.

In theatre, you work for months to create a show which only runs for a few weeks or months. You dedicate and focus all of your energy into collaborating and creating this one perfect thing, that you know is not permanent. And that is part of the beauty. You know it exists for a short time, and you enjoy it and celebrate it. The correlation being that I view cake in the same light. We create something that celebrate milestones and birthdays, brings people together at weddings and anniversaries, and brightens people’s day on a random Tuesday.

Ben May: Cake Ball Strategy

Being born and raised in Austin, Ben has always had an eye for things that capture the Austin vibe. After seeing Stacey’s interest in the beginning of the cake endeavor, he saw something that could challenge the notion of what cake could do and where it could go.

After spending 12 years in the IT industry, Ben honed his ability to see the ‘big picture’ and brought focus and strategy to making Stacey’s hobby a viable and thriving business. A little known fact is that our cake ball recipes are all of Ben’s creation. Baking is a science: it’s the relationship between ingredients all working under a fixed set of rules. Being a numbers guy, this came very natural to him and he quickly found his place in conducting the ratios and balancing of recipes. It goes without saying that Ben’s love for spreadsheets is immeasurable.

Christi Greene: Cake Ball Logistics

Christi has a love for anything with two wheels. An avid cyclist and people person, Christi has the gift of bringing joy and smiles to customer’s faces. If you call our bakeshop on Burnet Road, she is the first voice you will hear.

Christi is the perfect guide to help direct you to find the perfect cake ball for your day. Whether it is helping you pick out flavors, helping you put together a custom order for a birthday, or creating a one of a kind offering for a wedding or special event, she strives to put the happiness of cake into everything she touches. After all, “a party without cake is just a meeting.” ~Julia Child

Jen Cash: Cake Ball Production

Jen, simply put, is one punk rock pastry chef. Using the perfect blend of power tools and culinary finesse, she combines all of her skills together to create the perfect cake ball.

If you have ever seen the plate juggler on the Ed Sullivan Show, you have a small glimpse of what she does every day. From baking to decorating, planning and designing, she has a hand in every step of every process in the life of a cake ball. If you want to know where all the magic happens and how we get every single cake ball to look that good, Jen is where it all starts.