Wedding Cakes at Austin Cake Ball

We love weddings.  Who doesn’t right? But we really love to be a part of something so utterly individual and special.

To that end, we offer our Cake Ball Wedding Cake™: as absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind as the couples we create them for.

Our cake balls also make very popular wedding favors, custom tailored to match your colors; you can choose from a two or four pack.

If your groom is either on the fence as to if they want a grooms cake or just looking for something unconventional and extraordinary, see if he’s open to the idea of cake balls.  Between football helmets, team colors and favorite pets we’ll have him completely covered.

So, know you love cake balls but not sure how to use them for your celebration?

Use the form below to set up a complimentary wedding consultation or just give us a call at 512-826-4824 and we will answer whatever questions you may have.  At your consultation we’ll talk flavors, colors, and presentations while sampling some scrumptious choices.

Not a bad way to start the happily ever after.

Sometimes the best way to figure out what you want for your own wedding is to look at what others have done.  The colors, finishing touches and arrangement are endless, our execution is unwaveringly flawless.

These are a few of our favorites.

We understand if you don’t have all the details right now — we’ll happily take as much information as you can provide to get things rolling.

If your wedding is outside of Austin and you’d like us to ship to you, please give us a call during our normal business hours so that we can discuss what options are available.

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  • Classic cake balls are decorated with standard colors and items to reflect their flavor, such as German Chocolate being dipped in chocolate with a pecan half on top and drizzled in more chocolate.
    Custom cake balls, as you have probably noticed via the picture gallery, are where our artistry and pastry skills shine.
  • We recommend a minimum of two to three per person. For larger events, you can average via fractional cake balls such as 2.5 per person.
  • You can pick up to four flavors per dozen, divided evenly across the dozen. We feel that excessively restricting the number of flavors completely defeats the purpose of having a smaller, more nimble dessert.
  • We recommend it if you will be going more than a day before serving. Cake balls have a shelf life of a few days at room temperature and can last more than two weeks when refrigerated.
    Be sure to thaw to room temperature before serving. We do not advise freezing cake balls.
  • Humidity and temperatures above eighty degrees have long been the enemies of chocolate confections everywhere and cake balls are no exception.
    Texas weather is typically unkind on both these fronts so we recommend keeping cake balls in an indoor, climate controlled location.
  • In our kitchen, cake balls are either potentially exposed to or contain wheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy.

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